Instructions for Authors

General :
Atleast one author must be the subscriber of this journal at the time of submission of the manuscript (MS). MS will be accepted only after proper reviewing and on the advice of the editor(s).
Presentation of Manuscripts :
MS must be original, and typed in double space on the one side of sheet (A4) and have a sufficient margin. Type scripts should be carefully checked before submission as their is no provision of sending proof. No changes to the original MS will be allowed at any stage of publication. The MS must includes abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement and References. The Abstract and References must be on 10 font size while other heading contents in 12 font size. MS should be submitted with a hard and soft copy on CD-ROM (PageMaker 5.0) to the one of the managing editors.
Table and Figures :
Tables on the separate sheets with concise heading and numbers. Figures should be numbered and well labelled and must be suitable for direct reproduction. Photomicrogrphs must be cleaned, contrast, black & white glossy prints. The colour photographs of good quality may be considered for printing, provided author bears separately its printing cost.
References :
References must be listed in alphabetically in the order-Surname and initials followed by year in bracket title, name of Journal, Volume No., Page No. at the end of paper in the following pattern :-
Prakash, M.M., Maheshwari, R.S. and Sharma, V.K. (2006). Mercury Chloride induced changes in the DNA, RNA, Protein and Alkaline Phosphates of kidney of freshwater telecost, Labeo nandiana, Indian J. Environ & Ecoplan. 12(2):455-458.
Dave, R.K., Prakash, M.M. and Dhakad, N.K. (2002) – Phytoplankton composition, abundance and dynamics in a lentic water body of Dhar, M.P. in “Ecology and Conservation of Lakes, Reservoir and Rivers” (Ed. A. Kumar), ABD Publisher, Jaipur :PP-459-488.
Jain, Anupam (2002), Prominent jaina Mathematicians & Their Works. Ganita Bharti (Delhi) 24(1-4):19-24
Printing Cost :Authors must bear printing cost @Rs. 250 per page, which will be paid by author when paper is accepted for publication. After receiving the printing cost, the paper will be considered for further proceeding.

Important Note : 
1. Author(s) of the research paper/article are responsible for their research work carried out, animals used for experiments, presentation and Result-Discussion expressed. Patron, Chief Advisor, Editor-in-Chief, Executive editors, Editors and advisors are not responsible for any matter.
2. Patrons, Editor-in-Chief, Chief Advisor, Advisors, Editors, Executive Editorsand Editorial assistant are doing their work without taking any honorarium.